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Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and founder of Root & Branch Nutrition.

“When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.”

Helping women feel at home in their bodies and restore their innate vitality with a root-cause approach to hormone balance, gut health, self-care, and holistic wellness.


My Story

I know that if you’re here, you’re feeling out of balance.

I used to feel that way, too.

As a child I was overweight, often sick, and unhappy in my body. When I craved change, my family helped me the best way they knew how—by encouraging me to follow a calorie-restricted  diet program and join a cardio-focused gym.

I quickly lost 50 lbs. But I also found myself in a cycle of restriction that took more than a decade to overcome. What’s more, I discovered that losing the weight didn’t fix my problems.

  • Why was I always exhausted?

  • Why was I still having digestive issues?

  • Why was I struggling with anxiety and panic attacks?

  • Why were my periods still so painful and irregular?

  • Why did I "need" to exercise for hours per day to avoid weight gain?

  • Why was I so fearful of food and out of touch with what my body really wanted?

I reached my goal weight, but I still didn’t feel the way I thought I would, physically or emotionally. I knew something was missing.

Over the next 10 years, I devoured every bit of information I could find about nutrition for women, health, exercise, and weight loss. I was constantly trying new diets, workouts, and supplements.

My career choices were inspired by my health struggles and desire to find answers. During my undergraduate studies, I worked part-time for a chiropractor who introduced me to a holistic approach to wellness. After completing a bachelor’s degree in English, I switched paths and chose to pursue a Master’s in Health Education and Promotion.

Even as an adult, I continued to experiment with my own nutrition. In early 2013, I found CrossFit and the Paleo diet. Cutting problematic inflammatory foods and adding more nourishing, whole ones started to solve so many of the personal health challenged I’d faced for years.

Yet in some ways, Paleo was still too restrictive. Eventually, my energy tanked and my hormonal issues resurfaced. So I tried “tightening up,” weighing and measuring my food, logging everything into an app, and moving further away from my intuition. I was obsessing over how much food I was eating, once again.  

As before, these forms of restriction left me overwhelmed and exhausted. They also didn’t do much to help me tune into what my body actually needed.

When I decided to pursue training as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in 2014, the pieces finally snapped into place. Through the Nutritional Therapy Association’s programming, I learned:

  • To listen to and trust my body.

  • That I already had the ability to heal myself.

  • That diet was a means of nourishment and fuel, not a set of rules

  • To focus on adding in foods, rather than just eliminating them.

  • How nutrition for women is connected to gut health, hormones, stress, and self-care.

  • And, most of all…

  • ...that nutrition is never black and white.

I opened Root & Branch Nutrition in 2015 so I could help other women feel at home in their bodies through self-love and nourishment.

Using the tools of Nutritional Therapy, together we cut through the misinformation, dogma, and confusion of what you “should” eat. Instead, you’ll learn how to fuel and nourish your body without endless restriction and yo-yo dieting. You’ll also discover that you already have control over your health and wellbeing,

Yes, this starts with creating a nutrition plan that's sustainable and enjoyable. But the Root & Branch Nutrition philosophy extends far beyond diet.

It’s about getting rid of foods weighing you down.
It’s about building a healthy gut.
It’s about eating to nourish your hormones.
It’s about caring for your whole self.
It’s about thriving.

Together, we’ll tend to your roots so you can branch out into a more energetic, vibrant, joyful life in a body you feel strong, resilient, and beautiful in.

Are you ready?